We build ventures designed to create value in the network economy, spanning publishing, software, and platforms.

Internal Venture Services

As the core company of Advanced Human Technologies Group, we provide services to the the other companies in the group, including project management, software development, dashboards, talent acquisition, and professional services.

Publishing was founded in 2011 to help people navigate the rapidly-evolving intersection of technology and human sexuality, and is now the world’s leading publication on the topic.

It provides news and insightful analysis on the latest developments in sextech and the accompanying social shifts, and brings together a community of experts and participants to explore the edge of the future of sex.

The Virtual Excellence Show offers an entertaining and instructive exploration of the realities and potential of virtual work, business, society, and humanity. It showcases world-class excellence in all domains of the virtual, providing its viewers with practical insights on how to shine and the opportunity to get pressing questions answered and help create the show as it evolves. 

We speak with the experts who understand the best virtual practice and tools, and the visionaries who are shaping today’s and tomorrow’s virtual worlds. Topics covered by the show include excellence in virtual work, meetings, presentations, conferences, education, organizations, art, music, socializing, and the culture of virtual work and play.

Platform projects

We are continuously working in background stealth mode on a variety of possible ventures, including a next-generation content filtering system and a collective intelligence platform.