Client Leadership


Firms must continually develop their capabilities at building deep, powerful, lasting client relationships.

We work with our clients to enhance their client relationship and revenue generation capabilities, by focusing on strategy, structures, processes, skills, and culture throughout the firm.

Examples of Client Leadership Development


Strategy development

We work with firms to identify priorities and implement structured initiatives to develop their client relationship capabilities.

Implementing key client programs

Key client programs can be a valuable centerpiece of client relationship initiatives. We help firms to establish key client programs, or to take them to the next stage.


Executive and partner workshops

We run workshops for executives or partners on client relationship and revenue development. These are often run at offsite sessions, or as part of broader development programs.

Best practice and coaching programs

Firms usually have some relationship leaders and client teams demonstrating excellent practices. We can capture the best practices in the firm, and help to disseminate those to others. This can be complemented by one-on-one coaching sessions for selected executives.

Domains for Enhancing Client Relationship Capabilities

The following diagram, taken from Ross Dawson’s book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships, shows the five domains for enhancing the client relationship capabilities of an organizations.

Every firm will be in a different situation, leading to a prioritization of initiatives that will result in the greatest impact on revenue generation and profitability.

Five domains for enhancing client relationship capabilities: